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Astronomy / Astronautics 1.

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Some Interesting Recent, Current and Future Events

These are by no means complete lists. Visibility ignores weather. Preference is given to those of UK interest.

A date or date/time shown with a background colour, like 2014-11-24 Mon15:01 GMT, should be the local date of the event itself, where applicable. Mouseover should then show the date and time in event-local, GMT and your local form, with the approximate time-AGO or Time-To-Go.


Individual Events

Dates and times are not all necessarily UK or GMT/UTC; and may be local or Earth-received times - popular US sources are often ambiguous at best.


Most future dates/times may change. "A" is used for "Arrive", "B" for Berth, D for "Dock", "H" for "History", "L" for "Launch", "P" for "Pass", R for "Re-entry", * for others, NET for No Earlier Than. ERT for Earth Received Time.

International Space Station Flight Schedule
NASA's Consolidated Launch Schedule
NASA GSFC : launch list
Spaceflight Now, Worldwide launch schedule
Spaceflight101 - Long Range Launch Tracker
N.B. Schedules for ISRO, SpaceX, Orbital can be hard to keep track of

Some Other Lists

External Links



Some British Isles Web Sites

The Solar System




Space Flight

The following lists of links are by no means exhaustive.


Others may be mentioned in specific sections.

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