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In May 1998, Borland renamed itself Inprise. Therefore, URLs (http://, ftp://) referring to their own sites could need a corresponding change. The newsgroup names have not changed. It seems to have reverted to being Borland.

(Note : I generally check out URLs before listing them. Frames-only sites were not included before Oct 1998. "FNF" means File Not Found)

Please let me know of changed or permanently broken links. When doing so, please state the exact defective link as well as the replacement.

July 2012 : Garbo has ceased to exist. See
Garbo Shareware and Freeware Programs Library.

September : I gather that the French mirror persists at ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/pc/garbo/pc/.


BORLAND links (have a nasty tendency to change) :-


These links have nearly all been tested, but please let me know if any now fail :-


Turbo/Borland Pascal and Compatibles

Turbo Vision




2003-01-08 ff. : I read that TurboPower is out of business, and their newsgroups are closed.
2004-05-20 : I read that there may be related stuff at SourceForge ; at 'Bugs', Request ID 955482 or elsewhere.


Untested Links

Pascal Tutorials

Pascal Books

The new 3rd edition of "Scientific Pascal" by H.Flanders has been favourably reviewed somewhere. I asked a Library to borrow it for me, and got the 2nd (1985) edition. If the 3rd is similar, as good, and updated, the first half is a good start on the language for the intelligent reader; the second half presents useful algorithms.

"Borland Pascal Developers Guide", written by Ed Mitchell and published by QUE Books, is good. See also his tpr-book.zip "Electronic Turbo Pascal Reference freeware book", at Garbo and mirrors.

"The Borland Pascal Problem Solver", by Brian Long (Addison-Wesley, 1994), ISBN 0-201-59383-1.

NASA Langley's list.

A booklist provided (Dec 1996) by Wayne C. Wood (kaizen@sunset.net) :-

For other books, see Personal Computer Tips.

My Pascal Programs

Some of my Turbo/Borland Pascal programs, allegedly either useful or instructive, are in my programs directory as *.PAS and sometimes *.EXE files. The *.PAS files should contain sufficient explanation, as comment or at the end. Use at your own risk - check for viruses - etc. There is a plain-text 00index.txt file, and a derived 00index.htm file.

They include HUNT, an enhanced DIR; SHOWER, a pipeable LIST; CLEAN-TP, a Pascal layout program; INT_TEST, to check PC time/date services; MJD_DATE/DATEPROX, for date arithmetic, BST, Easter, etc.; LONGCALC, a RPN vast-integer calculator; and some to illustrate programming points.

Some programs are specifically written to help with DOS Batch files.

At present, I normally apply a fix for the Crt RTE200 bug; but, if your PC is fast and *.PAS has "uses ... Crt ... ;", you may not be able to use every *.EXE; RSVP if so. However, where I can, I avoid using the Borland Crt unit.

Several of the programs will also compile and run in Delphi 3, using Win 9x console mode (DCC32 -cc ...). There is at present one Delphi-only GUI program.


AIUI, simtel is mirrored as coast now.

To convert asm..end to Inline(...) form, reportedly inlin219.zip at Simtel/Garbo.

  36139 Apr 26 1988 ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/turbopas/inlin219.zip
  inlin219.zip Inline assembler for Turbo Pascal, w/source, D.Baldwin

R.E.Donais wrote :- AFAIR ObjectVision was a window application that Borland put together to allow non-programmers to develop simple form oriented data entry and retrieval.

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