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Plot Web Site Statistics.

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This page was written chiefly for my own use. It plots statistics which I log for my Demon Homepages web site, and anything else in a compatible format. Except for MSIE ≤ 8+, where only inferior plotting is available, the page can save plots as PNG files, which can be used in Web pages.

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This area is "Ref", for MSIE, and is drawn by positioning DIVs.


First, read the rest of this page. Try the "Sample" button, which reads the editable "Sample Data" set below. Then use the controls which have appeared. To plot a real file, set the "File" field and press "Read File".

The effect of checking "Test Only" is undefined and variable.

Plotting uses a canvas element; see External Links. MSIE ≤ 8+ does not support the canvas element. Instead, creating a positioned div per point (Dot Plot) is crude, but it works in all my browsers. By default, it is used only if no canvas is detected.

"Daily" shows one point for each listed date. "Weekly" shows an average over seven points centred on the listed date. "Both" shows both. If "Zero" is checked, the baseline represents zero.

When Safari first does "ReadFile" alter loading, it is very slow. "ReadFile" does nothing in Chrome 5.0 and up when using local files; debugging shows an over-sensitive security check.


Plotting (except for Dot Plot mode) is done on a yellow-bordered canvas. When plotting is completed successfully, the canvas is visually replaced by a corresponding lime-bordered PNG img. To get a PNG file, right-click the image and use "Save Image As"; or copy'n'paste into Windows Paint; or similar.

If the span of an ordinate crosses a given limit, that limit will be shown by a red line. Default values are for current Demon Homepages.

Below the baseline, the longer daily X-axis ticks mark Saturday and Sunday. Lower marks or numbers show new months. Faint vertical lines mark dates with data; horizontal ones are at convenient values.

Sample Data

The design expects one valid data line per date, no more, but tolerates missing days. Valid lines are those matching the numbers/whitespace pattern shown. This sample data set is editable.

COUNT is plotted differentially; MB and GB/Mo are plotted as given.


Want to read just counts for a day with missing quotas. Could have better treatment of missing days in "Weekly"?

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